Office 365

At TechSeven Partners, we find ourselves on the same journey as most small businesses. It can be challenging at times, but also a very rewarding journey. We constantly strive to become more efficient with our communication processes with our clients and team. One solution we have adopted over the last year that has helped is Microsoft’s Office 365 Business Suite.

What is Microsoft Office 365?

If you are familiar with Microsoft Office programs such as Word, Outlook, Power Point, and Excel, then you are already somewhat familiar with Office 365. Office 365 is a cloud-based tool that includes the full suite of Office programs where you can create, share, and store documents with your co-workers. It also includes Microsoft Exchange email service which allows you to access your email from any device anywhere with a large amount of storage.

How Does TechSeven use Office 365?

Office 365 has changed the way we work at TechSeven Partners. Technology like Office 365 is giving our small business some of the same advantages and opportunities that only large corporations with big technology budgets have had in the past. We are an IT solutions firm and we are always on the go providing IT services for our clients. Every day brings new solutions at TechSeven and we believe communication is key to providing excellent service.

"Technology like Office 365 is giving our small business some of the same opportunities and advantages that only large corporations with big technology budgets have had in the past"

Better Email Communication

Excellent communication starts internally with our team. Office 365 allows us to respond to service request and communicate with third parties while we visit clients by using the Microsoft Exchange email service. With Exchange, we never have to worry about filling up our inbox because we get 50 gigs of storage. Email can be accessed from any device making it easy to check and very secure.

Document Sharing

Gone are the days that we have to send documents back and forth via email. We store all team files in OneDrive so our team has access to updated files while in the field, from any desktop or mobile device, or even at home after hours if they need. Our leadership enjoys the benefits of accessing files while on vacation or away from the office without carrying a thumb drive or awaiting files to be shared by email. The first draft of this blog is one example of how we use OneDrive to collaborate. We wrote this blog in Word on Office 365 where we could edit it online and then share it with another team member for edits. That team member happened to be out of town, but that was not an issue since they could access the document from their iPad. OneDrive has a free app for mobile devices making it easy to access files from a phone or tablet.  Once they completed edits, it was saved again and could be seen by the entire team to make any final edits.  One drive also allows us to upload photos, images, programs, and licensing documents we need in the field.

Affordable and Secure Programs

One of the best features of Office 365 Suite is that it is secure and the cost is very low compared to buying a hard copy of the software included. By utilizing Office 365, we don’t have to worry about keeping up with licenses or about having the latest software version of Word or  other programs included.

Office 365 has been a valuable tool for our team and is reshaping some of the processes that affect us every day.

If you would like more information on Office 365 and how it can help your business, contact our team at today.