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TechSeven Partners is an IT services and consulting company for small, medium, and large enterprises in the Charleston, SC region. We aim to offer dependable, cutting-edge technical solutions, allowing our clients to focus on their core operations. Our objective is to establish lasting partnerships with our clients and their employees, and we have a track record of serving businesses of diverse sizes and sectors. Our IT services encompass network support, hardware and system services, network design and implementation, product procurement and installation, security and compliance, and comprehensive managed services.

TechSeven Partners offers your business proactive managed IT services to minimize downtime and ensure the smooth operation of your business’s tech.

Our managed IT services in Charleston cover maintenance, strategy, and security. We get to know your business and its tech needs and deliver services that ensure minimal interruptions and user satisfaction. As a result, you get improved productivity and security at reduced operating costs. Therefore, you worry less about the tech and focus more on the business.

The downside of being a tech-enabled business is that you’re a prime target for cybercriminals interested in your private data. TechSeven offers your business cyber security services in Charleston, SC, ensuring your data doesn’t get kidnapped, or your systems crippled.

Our cyber security services in Charleston include network monitoring, HIPPA or PCI compliance, onsite and cloud backup solutions, and protection against the dark web or phishing scams. We monitor your IT systems and network 24/7

Your IT can only work efficiently on a strong network infrastructure. We offer business IT support,including network services for designing and implementing custom networks and hardware or software tailored to your business’s needs, budget, and building construction.

When offering our network solutions for your business, we also consider the longevity of the network based on your goals, wireless coverage, and security requirements, ensuring you’re compliant with federal and state laws.

A modern business relies on proactive IT support instead of the traditional reactive model. You cannot afford to have your tech systems down, waiting for the IT support team to respond the next day.

Our IT services actively monitor your systems to detect and address faults before they happen. And when they do, we offer quick and responsive remote or onsite support. We also provide backup support for networks, printers, servers, computers, routers, phone systems, cloud systems, and more.


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