Technology Network Projects

We can Handle your Technical Projects No Matter the Size

Your Business Network by Design

Having a strong network infrastructure is key to ensuring your IT works efficiently and effectively for your business. We design a custom network that is structured around your needs, budget, and your building’s construction. Our primary focus is to create a product that is user-friendly and empowers you to grow your business. Here are a view points we focus on when considering network solutions for our clients:

  • Software and Hardware Requirements

    We analyze the software that is important to your business and make sure your network hardware and software integrate properly to optimize performance.

  • Longevity

    We also focus on where your business is headed and provide a long-term plan that can prevent unexpected upgrade costs, minimize speed issues from an overwhelmed network, and save you money in the long run.

  • Wireless Coverage

    We create a custom network design centered not only around your needs but the office space itself. We thoroughly assess the construction and logistics of your office to ensure seamless wireless connection throughout.

  • HIPPA and Security

    Security and compliance are important for every business and our team makes them a top priority when designing a network. We conduct a full security audit in the planning stages of design to expose vulnerabilities and implement solutions.

  • Structured Cabling

    We care just as much about the technology you can’t see and use only quality materials and proper cable management ensuring your technology functions properly and is scalable.

What makes TechSeven great at Network Design?

Experienced Technicians

Our team has years of experience designing and implementing quality networks. We couple that experience with ongoing innovative training to ensure we offer a finished network that is both customized to our client’s specific needs and progressive.

Clean and Professional

One facet of great network design is a clean and professional end product. Adding technology to your office might mean construction and added cables. Our team creates a design that is aesthetically pleasing and well organized with rack mounts, ergonomic mounting, and cable management which provides a clean and professional look and allows for easier care and maintenance of your technology investment.

We also take care to work around our client’s schedule to ensure we do not disrupt their day-to-day business.

Check out our gallery for some great examples of our work.

We Speak Small Business

We are a small business and we get small business. At TechSeven, we think small businesses deserve the same top-grade technology and 5-star service often reserved only for large corporations.

We also understand the value of a partnership. That is why our culture is to get to know our clients and their staff so you know the team you are calling when a technical issue arises. We call this the T7 Way and we think it sets us apart!