Check Out Our History and What Drives Us

Who We Are

TechSeven is a group of individuals who love technology and the people it serves. We’ve been in the tech business since 2009, but our tenured team brings decades of experience that span countless businesses and industries. In today’s business climate, technology has evolved from a simple business expense to a strategic resource. Our team of experts will help you leverage your technology giving you back time and resources to spend doing the business you love.

The T7 Way


We’re not your average tech company and we are ok with that. Technology is changing at a rapid pace, and our team is eager to help your business navigate it. Here are a few other things that set us apart. 


    We strive for excellence in every task big or small. 


    We think integrity should be woven into every transaction.


    We aim for efficiency but don’t take shortcuts.


    We live, play, and give in the communities we serve. 


    We keep our mission people-centric not product-driven. 


    We know technology is powerful and we use it responsibly


    We believe that technology is no longer just a simple business expense but a strategic resource that can set businesses apart from their competitors.