Giving Back

January was such a great month for the team at TechSeven. Each New Year gives the feeling of a fresh start, the prospect of being better, and a confidence to venture into new opportunities.

As a business, we’re careful not to make new plans just because it’s January, but we feel it is important to take a strategic look each year to evaluate where we’ve been and where we are headed. We want to put processes and practices in place that will better our company, clients, and community. We want to tweak our culture and continue to be called an enterprise of integrity, creativity, and excellence. Now that’s an annual practice worth having!

As we reflect, it is important to us to hear from our clients and to get a pulse on where we are getting it right and where we can improve. We sent out a survey last month asking clients to grade us on our services and offerings and give us some constructive feedback about their experiences with our team. This helped set the tone of our planning meeting as we celebrated our strengths and discussed areas for growth and change.


Feedback, Reflection and Goals Moving Forward

Here are some things we took away from the responses to the survey, our own reflections of last year, and our goals and dreams for a great future:

1. Communication is Everything – Offering great tech solutions is what we do, but communication and setting expectations for our services is what we plan to do better. At the end of last year, we introduced a blog and newsletter. We will continue this monthly offering which will include subject matter and technical information that is important to your businesses.

We will also be implementing a new way to communicate with our office that will track the progress of your issue, and communicate service times so you know the what, when, and where of how we plan to partner with you in every transaction (rollout information coming soon!).

2. Managed Services are Crucial to Technology Performance– In today’s technical climate, systems can be put in place that work, monitor, and correct technical issues before you even feel the negative effects. We have fully revamped our managed services offerings and have chosen a much more comprehensive plan for our service contract members that will provide monitored services 24 hours a day and allow our team to be proactive in warding off technical issues that can slow your business down.

3. Deliberate Measured Growth is the ONLY Way to Grow– Like every business, we want to grow, but we plan to be methodical and intentional about it. That is why we are gearing up with team development and seminars that will keep us on top of new technologies.
We also plan to improve our processes by developing internal systems (mentioned above) to better manage our schedule and improve our efficiency. Lastly, our goal is to grow our team with exceptional people who will bring new skillsets and knowledge to the table to make sure we don’t spread our best assets (our staff) too thin.

Some of these changes are big, and we are excited about the positive effects we feel it will make in our partnerships with you and your team! We love what we do and we love the people we work with. We want this to be an epic year for your business and ours, and we hope to help you get there with great technology and service!


Steve Calicott