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Here Are 7 Reasons Why Your IT Department Should Consider Outsourcing Services

Running a business today requires the use and access to the latest technology. Brands are shifting to the cloud, and companies are turning to Software as a Service (SaaS) and other technologies to drive marketing, sales, and enterprise management.

For instance, according to statistics, businesses with more than 1,000 employees use over 150 SaaS applications.

So, why should your IT department still struggle with building and maintaining advanced technologies that are changing rapidly by the day?

Outsourcing your IT services is the best decision your IT department can make. Outsourcing improves efficiency, fills talent gaps within the IT department, improves employee productivity, and ensures better compliance and security within your IT infrastructure.

Let’s dive deeper into outsourced IT services and why your IT department should consider the help of a third party.

The State of Outsourcing IT Services

Outsourcing IT services is quickly gathering pace within the business community. According to statistics, the IT outsourcing industry is expected to grow from a market size of $245.91 billion in 2021 to $261.9 billion in 2022.

The most commonly outsourced IT services include data recovery and cyber security. Financial and manufacturing industries are expected to invest the most in managed IT services. However, even big tech corporations have made huge strides in this sector.

Tech giants like Google, Facebook, and IBM have a significant portion of their IT services outsourced. According to Bloomberg, Google’s outsourced employees surpassed direct hires in 2018. The outsourced team at Google’s Manila office in the Philippines contributed significantly to the company’s success in the Asia-Pacific market.

The turn towards outsourced IT services has been largely attributed to the greater trust in established IT firms to offer professional services than attempting to hire a complete professional internal team. Moreover, outsourcing IT services is more efficient and cost-effective.

There’re more reasons why you, like other businesses, should consider outsourced IT services.

Why Should Your IT Department Outsource Services?

Here are seven compelling reasons that should drive you to get IT services from a third party.

1. Improved Time Usage and Efficiency

It will always take one or two people longer to accomplish a task than a team of professionals. Outsourcing IT services improves the time it takes to offer IT services in your business and the efficiency of the delivery.

Moreover, since your IT responsibilities are under the hands of professionals, you don’t have to spend precious time onboarding new hires and setting up new systems. Managed IT service providers have the systems and talent to start the job immediately and deliver on time.

2. Access to a Wide Array of Skillsets

The number of technologies a business has to adapt to stay up and running in the modern market is growing daily. Typically, you’ll need someone to manage your network, security, support, and other services.

Therefore, you’ll need a wide array of skill sets within your IT department.

IT outsourcing companies come with this ready talent with a vast pool of skillsets. You can get experts in company-specific products such as Microsoft 365 and AWS. Moreover, these experts can handle the various hardware available in the organization with their unique setup needs.

3. You’re Hiring Rapidly

As an organization scales, its talent demand steeply rises. If you’re hiring rapidly, you don’t have the luxury and patience to onboard new hires. But that’s often a necessary step for internal teams in an IT department. The new hire has to acquaint themselves with the new systems and tools before diving deep into their work.

At this stage, outsourcing IT services from your IT department is a wise decision. Managed IT service providers come with tested systems and a ready talent that can quickly get up to pace with your IT needs and deliver the services you need at the appropriate scale.

4. Better IT Risk Management

IT risk management is crucial for a project’s success. However, handling IT risk management internally can be expensive and time-consuming. With an outsourcing partner, you can have these services delivered better, giving you a clear view of the risk vs. reward of an IT project or service you want to be completed.

Then, you can make more informed decisions.

A qualified managed IT services partner can also help you keep track of the changing tech and economic landscape to ensure you’re investing in the right technology and services for better returns on your investment.

5. Improved Employee Productivity

Running a small IT department can be unproductive. Often, the team is caught up in dealing with technical issues or performing recurring unproductive tasks instead of focusing on more productive work.

Having your IT department outsource IT service frees them up for more productive work, such as designing new systems or actively planning improvements to an existing system that the outsourced IT team can take up and implement.

Alternatively, reoccurring tasks can be automated for better efficiency, with greater collaboration using tools such as Microsoft Teams.

6. Complement Your In-House IT Staff

Most small organizations only have a dedicated IT manager and one or two employees. Typically, they monitor and offer support for existing systems on top of other responsibilities within the organization. Sadly, this small team can get overwhelmed when a fault occurs to your business’s IT systems, and immediate support is needed.

Moreover, taking on new projects can be infeasible given the limited expertise.

Having your small department outsource its IT services frees up the IT manager and employees to handle other business-centric duties while having their expertise and knowledge about your organization complement the work of your outsourced IT team.

7. Better Compliance and Security

Modern businesses using IT services must comply with relevant regulatory standards such as HIPAA and PCI. Keeping track of compliance and security can be demanding. For instance, you must ensure that your firewall is up to date, you have DMZ installed, and your workstations and servers are often audited.

Outsourcing IT services to a partner familiar with these standards ensures that your business and its services are always compliant and up to date with the latest regulations.

Get Outsourced IT Services from a Trusted Provider

Getting outsourced IT services has many rewards. However, you can only enjoy them if you work with a trusted partner. Contact a professional managed IT service provider today to reap the rewards of outsourcing IT services.