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TechSeven Partners is an IT services and consulting firm that caters to small, medium, and enterprise-level businesses in the Greensville, SC community. Our mission is to offer dependable and forward-thinking technological solutions that enable our clients to focus on their core business activities. We strive to establish lasting partnerships with our clients and their team. We possess a wealth of expertise across a wide range of industries and business sizes. Our array of IT services encompasses network support, hardware and system services, network design and deployment, product procurement and installation, security, and compliance, as well as fully managed services.

IT Services

TechSeven Partners provides proactive managed IT services to help your business operate smoothly and minimize downtime.

Our managed IT services in Greenville cover maintenance, strategy, and security. We approach your business as a third party, familiarizing ourselves with your operations and technical needs, so we can deliver services that guarantee minimal disruptions and user satisfaction. In short, you benefit from increased productivity and enhanced security at a lower operating cost. This way, you can worry less about technology and concentrate more on your core business activities.

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IT Support

In today’s business landscape, proactive IT support has become a necessity, replacing the traditional reactive model. You can’t afford to have to wait for the IT support team when your system crashes.

At TechSeven Partners, we offer IT support services in Greenville, SC, that proactively monitor your systems to detect and address faults before they occur. And if they do, we provide swift and responsive remote or on-site support. Our comprehensive Greenville IT support services also include backup services, as well as support for networks, printers, servers, computers, routers, phone systems, cloud systems, and other technologies.

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Network Services

A strong network infrastructure is crucial for ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of your IT operations. At TechSeven Partners, we provide comprehensive business IT support in Greenville, which includes network services for designing and deploying custom networks, hardware, or software that align with your business’s unique needs, budget, and building construction.

In providing our network solutions, we also take into consideration the longevity of the network based on your long-term goals, wireless coverage, and compliance with HIPPA and security requirements. Our goal is to ensure that you remain compliant with federal and state laws while enjoying the benefits of a dependable network.

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Cyber Security Services

As a tech-enabled business, you are more susceptible to cyber-attacks, making your private data vulnerable to cybercriminals. To prevent such attacks, TechSeven Partners offers comprehensive cyber security services in Greenville, SC, ensuring that your business is safeguarded against data breaches and system disruptions.

Our Greenville cyber security services include network monitoring, compliance with HIPPA or PCI regulations, as well as onsite and cloud backup solutions. We also offer protection against the dark web and phishing scams. With 24/7 monitoring of your IT systems and network, we ensure that no cybercriminal gets past our security measures. In the event that one does, we take swift action to eradicate the threat and safeguard your business from further harm.

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