Audio Visual Solutions

Audio Visual Solutions for your Business

Audio Visual(A/V) solutions are becoming more essential as businesses strive to remain relevant and competitive in today’s fierce business climate. We offer innovative solutions that are focus on your needs and the end-user.

Our products and design can offer:

  • Enhanced Customer Experience – Customer expectations have increased, especially in the area of waiting. A/V can be the key to increased customer satisfaction ratings for your business.
  • Communication Excellence – The U.S. department of Labor states that information retention is six times greater when information is presented visually versus just by spoken word alone. Audio/visual solutions in conference and meeting areas can assist when communicating with customer’s (sales) and staff (training).
  • Efficiency and Productivity – Customizing your A/V needs to mirror your company culture and the preferences of your staff can increase productivity, efficiency, and team morale.
  • Security – Advancements in technology have made security and surveillance excellence obtainable for small businesses and a much needed component in their risk management plans.



Audio Visual Solutions

Mounted TV’s, Multi-Monitor Displays, Customer Sign-In, Spotify/XM radio/Pandora radio integration, Game Kiosks, Digital Signage, Custom Slide Show Integration, distributed audio, and Wireless Headphones.

Video Conferencing Systems, Projectors, Smart boards, Screen Sharing Systems, Apple TV, iPads, and Patient Education.

Video Conferencing Systems, Projectors, Smart Boards, Screen-Sharing Systems, Apple TV.

High Definition Video Surveillance Systems with Smart Phone Automation.

Patient Sign-In, Dual Monitor Systems, Digital Tuning Integration for Cable Programming, Wireless Personal Audio for patients, Bluetooth-controlled audio systems, Spotify, XM radio, Pandora radio integration, Webcam integration for patient photos

Digital Climate Control Solutions with Wireless Capabilities.

Why TechSeven?

Experienced Technicians

Our team has years of experience with business audio visual. We couple that experience with ongoing innovative training to ensure we offer a finished design that is customized to our client’s specific needs.

We Speak Small Business

We are a small business and we get small business. At TechSeven, we think small businesses deserve the same top-grade technology and 5-star service often reserved only for large corporations.

We also understand the value of a partnership. That is why our culture is to get to know our clients and their staff so you know the team you are calling when a technical issue arises. We call this the T7 Way and we think it sets us apart!

Clean and Professional

One facet of great audio/visual design is a clean and professional end product. Adding technology to your office might mean construction and added cables. Our team creates a design that is aesthetically pleasing and well organized with rack mounts, ergonomic mounting, and cable management which provides a clean and professional look and allows for easier care and maintenance of your technology investment.

We also take care to work around our client’s schedule to ensure we do not disrupt their day-to-day business.